Participants in the Palestinian and Yemeni Hospitality workshop

We were very excited to co-host the inaugural ALCASA event in the annual SA’s History Festival on 21/5/2023. In collaboration with the History Trust of SA Migration Museum and the SA Palestinian Glimmer of Hope, we hosted two events: Traditional Arabic Board Games and Aromatic Hospitality Workshops.

The Board Games workshop, was a great success. The venue was full of enthusiastic parents, children and ALCASA volunteers, who immersed themselves in playing traditional board games. Faces beamed with smiles as the 22 participants played together, children and adults. It was a truly heartwarming ambiance!

Prior to entering the room, the guests of the Aromatic Hospitality workshop were greeted at the door with smoking Yemeni bakhur (frankincense). Arwa, and Dalal, the Palestinian and Yemeni presenters took turns in sharing captivating insights about the cultural significance of a range of hospitality practices in their respective home countries. Yemeni and Palestinian coffee in small serves were savoured by the 37 attendees inside the venue. Furthermore, a mouthwatering food demonstration took place, revealing the intricate process of making aromatic yansuniyye sweets. The demonstration was then followed by sampling the delightful Palestinian treats.

We extend our thanks to all volunteers, families, and attendees who made the event a great success. Your participation and enthusiasm were invaluable!

We would be delighted to see you at the last two of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Worshops series, held on Sunday 18/6. Check for the workshops details and book at

Hosted by the Arabic Language and Culture Association of SA (ALCASA) and the History Trust of SA Migration Museum, the Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome) Workshops Series is supported by the Multicultural Affairs, Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Photos by Razan Fakhouri Photography

Fayrouz Ajaka
ALCASA Chairperson

Matching Cards Game

Enjoying a backgammon game

Dalal introducing to Yemeni bakhur at the door

Arwa introducing the Arabic coffee

Mohamad and Nidal offering Arabic coffee to guests


Palestinian yansuniyye almost ready to go into the oven![/caption]

Dalal introducing to Yemeni bakhur at the door

Yemeni cultural display

A sensory experience exploring Yemeni coffee husk


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