Established in 2012, the Arabic Language and Culture Association of South Australia (ALCASA) is a non-profit organisation in Adelaide. Our goal is to connect Arabic-speaking communities with the wider South Australian community. We organise inclusive events and workshops that welcome both local non-Arabic and Arabic-speaking individuals. In collaboration with South Australian and interstate cultural organisations, we host vibrant cultural events and participate in multicultural festivals in Adelaide. ALCASA is independent of any religious or political groups, focusing solely on promoting inclusivity and understanding of Arabic language and culture among all South Australians. Join us at ALCASA to be part of a diverse community that celebrates cultural exchange and fosters unity.



A South Australian community that promotes and celebrates Arabic language, arts and culture.


To actively promote harmony, cultural awareness, and respect for cultural diversity.


Diversity: We respect and value the linguistic and cultural diversity of all South Australians.

Education: We host and participate in events and activities that strengthen cultural understanding and respect.

Safety: We actively seek to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all members and participants.

Secularity: ALCASA’s strength lies in our diversity and in having no religious, sectarian or political affiliation.

Voluntarism, Integrity and Transparency: ALCASA relies on committed volunteers to conduct its activities; all generated profit is used to develop the Association; our records reflect the origin and the use of all ALCASA resources.

ALCASA Team 2022-2023

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