Aghaani Zamaan Performers: Standing Ovation

The opening weekend of the Adelaide Fringe Festival illuminated with cultural vibrancy with the sold-out event, Aghaani Zamaan, presented by the Arabic Language and Cultural Association of South Australia. The rich selection of traditional Arabic songs allowed the audience to embark on a nostalgic journey from Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq and Egypt, whereby each soul and heartbeat in the room gradually aligned to the mesmerising Middle Eastern tunes.

As the talented performers, Raniah Daou, Nouha Raslan, Rabih Aintarazy, Sameh Bashnak, Aysar Albuny, and Ahmed Sadik, took the stage, the crowd collectively sang and danced along to the familiar tunes, which became an integral part of the show as memories began to stir of their own experiences with these sentimental songs. The enchanting atmosphere provided an undeniable sense of unity as individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to rejoice in the essence of Arabic music. Beyond the enjoyment of basking in the history and culture of Arabic music, the evening simultaneously served as a reminder for gratitude, sympathy, and solidarity, particularly regarding the current situation in the Middle East, which further connected the audience with the performers through poignant moments of empathy and compassion.

As the final notes accentuated the vibrant ambience of the evening, the climactic moment was undeniably the spontaneous standing ovation, which served not only as a testament to the incredible performance, but also to the lingering souls who had undergone a nostalgic, musical, and emotional journey filled with love for their country, culture, and citizens.

Tania Zebian

Event supported by the City of Adelaide Arts & Cultural Grants
Recipient of Fringe it LIVE, Music Development Office – South Australia

Photo courtesy of Doris Abboud


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