a collage with multiple photos from activities held  on the 25th of February 2024. It features people smiling to the camera while sitting around table conversing and writing in Arabic or dancing the traditional dance

From the dabke and Arabic conversation workshops on 25 February 2024


On Sunday the 25th of February, participants in ALCASA monthly meetings experienced a lively and enriching cultural exchange that left everyone feeling energized and connected. As the meeting commenced, laughter and joy filled the air as participants kicked off the session with the traditional Levantine folk dance, Dabke.

Dabke, a captivating blend of circle and line dancing, is a hallmark of celebrations and joyous occasions in Levantine culture. Its infectious rhythms and lively steps brought smiles to everyone’s faces as they danced together, forming bonds and creating cherished memories. The music reverberated with the spirit of camaraderie, inviting all to join in the dance circle.

In addition to Dabke, members had the pleasure of delving into the vibrant Greek dance, Zorba, courtesy of Tim’s enthusiastic sharing. This cross-cultural exchange highlighted the essence of ALCASA – a space where individuals come together to learn from one another, celebrating diversity and fostering mutual understanding.

Following the invigorating dance session, participants gathered for Arabic conversational practice corners where they shared anecdotes from their lives. From humorous tales featuring mischievous possums to poignant reflections on the beauty of butterflies and the warmth of the sun, each story offered a glimpse into the richness of human experience.

The Arabic Language and Culture Association of SA, affectionately known as ALCASA, embraces individuals of all levels of proficiency, offering a welcoming environment for learning and cultural exchange. Here’s a feedback from a native-speaker (born here) who wishes to consolidate his Arabic conversational skills:

“I really enjoyed the Arabic conversation today with Fayrouz, she made me feel welcome and integrated me into the session easily. I have long planned to improve my spoken Arabic and thought I’d give the conversation a try.”

As the day drew to a close, members departed with hearts full of laughter, new friendships forged, and a deepened appreciation for the diversity of cultures represented within the club. If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of languages, traditions, and experiences, we invite you to join us at ALCASA. Together, let’s continue our journey of discovery and mutual enrichment.

Hafiz Abdul Nasir



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