ALCASA Children’s second session this year was held on the 18th of March 2018. This time the class was full with children from different backgrounds and various levels of Arabic language.

We have started our session with singing and dancing on one of Fairuz’s songs, then one of the children with the help of her parent read a story to the children. All the parents helped their children to learn the words of the story.

Following the theme of the story, we have asked the children to get into groups and come up with a story similar to the one we read. They needed to use the Arabic words they’ve learned to create and read their own stories.

They amazed us with their work. They all worked so well together and performed stories written and acted by the them, in Arabic!

A very successful day, new friends, new words, yummy food and lots of outdoor play!

Nadia Sbahi

Children discussing their story

Children listen and interact with a parent reading and telling a story in Arabic


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